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Last updated on 9th January September 2014

Sandgropers Land Yacht Club Inc

Welcome to landsailingwa.com the official website of The Sandgropers Land Yacht Club Rockingham and a guide to land yacht sailing in Western Australia.

Land yacht sailing in short:

  • Speeds up to and above 100Kph
  • Sail in wind speeds as low as 5 knots
  • Little to no running costs other than tyres.
  • Use the same sail in all conditions.
  • 2nd hand yachts can be bought for as low as $500.
  • New yachts for around $2000, everything you need.
  • Land yachts can travel at 3 to 4 times wind speed.


Sandgropers Land Sailing News

Discussion Forum at Seabreeze.com.au


"my yacht looked good then" Murray Turner 2006

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